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Where is Super Bowl 2019: Location, date, TV channel, streaming, more to know,Super Bowl LIII will take place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, home of the Falcons. It’ll be the first Super Bowl hosted at the stadium, which opened in 2017. However, this will be the third Super Bowl played in Atlanta. Previously, the Cowboys topped the Bills in the Georgia Dome in Super Bowl XXVIII, played in 1994, while the Rams topped the Titans in 2000 in Super Bowl XXXIV.

NFL Playoffs 2019: Ranking the most ideal Super Bowl LIII matchups from 1 to 16,With eight groups left in the NFL playoffs, that implies there’s still 16 conceivable Super Bowls that could happen this year, and since a portion of those potential Super Bowls are somewhat more energizing than others, we’ve chosen to rank each of the 16.

In addition to the fact that we ranked every one of the 16 conceivable Super Bowls, we incorporated the chances that the diversion will occur. For example, a Colts-Cowboys Super Bowl just has a 33-to-1 shot of occurring, which implies on the off chance that you were planning to see a rematch of one of the most exceedingly awful diversions of the NFL season, the oddsmakers don’t believe that will occur. On the off chance that regardless you haven’t denoted your logbook for the Super Bowl, the amusement will commence from Atlanta on Feb. 3 and will be broadcast by CBS and you can stream it appropriate here. In case you’re pondering purchasing another TV for the major event, CNET has you secured. They shared their best picks for each financial plan.

So what’s the best potential matchup for Super Bowl LIII?

How about we get to the rankings and discover. We saw this diversion back in Week 15 and it was a complete fiasco for the Cowboys, who got annihilated 23-0. The exact opposite thing I need to find in a Super Bowl is a rematch from the normal season that included a diversion where one of the groups got close out. On the other side, this would be a rematch of Super Bowl V, which implies the Cowboys would conceivably get the opportunity to take out 48 years of repressed requital on the Colts, who won that amusement 16-13. This amusement would enrapture for precisely two reasons. For one, we would have Philip Rivers going for the principal Super Bowl title of his 15-year profession. The other reason this amusement would captivate is on the grounds that Nick Foles would go for his second in a row win in the NFL’s greatest diversion. Two weeks back, I would have said it is highly unlikely anything in that tweet would ever occur, yet I’ve currently adapted never to question any expectations including Nick Foles in light of the fact that there’s a 80 percent chance they’ll work out as expected. In the event that this amusement were to occur, everyone’s eyes would almost certainly be on Andrew Luck’s carefully fixed right shoulder and that is on the grounds that he would go up against quarterback destroyer Aaron Donald. The Rams guarded lineman drove the NFL in sacks in 2018 with 20.5 and the supposition here is that he would presumably endeavor to square with that aggregate in one night against Luck.

Rams mentor Sean McVay would almost certainly be the star of Super Bowl week and that is on the grounds that this diversion would be a homecoming for him. McVay went to secondary school in Atlanta, and get this, in 2003, he beat out CALVIN JOHNSON for secondary school player of the year in Georgia. Truly, that occurred. Nobody outside of Los Angeles would truly think about this amusement and I’m almost certain that even a large portion of the general population in L.A. wouldn’t give it a second thought, however you realize who might love this Super Bowl? The NFL. This diversion would fundamentally fill in as a three-hour infomercial for football in Los Angeles and it would come at the ideal time for two groups that are both endeavoring to move tickets for another L.A. arena that is booked to open in 2020. Additionally, it would allow the two groups to extend their fan bases, which would be particularly uplifting news for the Chargers since they don’t generally have a fan base in L.A. Then again, the NFL could likewise simply go full WWE and transform the Super Bowl into a “Failure Leaves Los Angeles” amusement. The amusement would most likely break each evaluating record in the book if fans realized the losing group needed to move back to their old city. Despite the fact that the chances of this diversion happening are only 12-to-1, I need to believe it’s just about a bolt now since this person talked it into reality. On the off chance that this amusement occurs, I’m almost certain the Cowboys would finish up getting the best home-field advantage in Super Bowl history. That is to say, simply consider it: The Chargers scarcely have enough fans to fill a 27,000-situate arena while the Cowboys could most likely fill that equivalent arena in the event that they were simply rehearsing. I’m speculating Chargers fans would be dwarfed in Atlanta by a proportion of approximately 25,000-to-1. Obviously, in the event that Philip Rivers’ whole family appears for the amusement, that proportion may be sliced down the middle.

  1. Colts versus Holy people

Chances of occurring: 10-to-1

The chances of this diversion happening ought to most likely be knock up to 100 percent and that is on the grounds that I’m beginning to believe that football Gods are fundamentally requesting that this rematch occurs. That is to say, by what other means would you be able to clarify this: Back in 2009, the Saints prevailed upon the Super Bowl the Colts after a 13-3 season where New Orleans lost to the Buccaneers, Cowboys and Panthers. In 2018, the Saints completed 13-3 with misfortunes to the SAME THREE TEAMS (Buccaneers, Cowboys and Panthers), which implies a Super Bowl prevail upon the Colts is the main conceivable path for this season to end.

I’m recording it now.

  1. Boss versus Cattle rustlers

Chances of occurring: 16-to-1

Everybody would get a compressed lesson in football history if these two groups wind up in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs and the Cowboys aren’t actually equals, yet perhaps they ought to be, and that is on the grounds that they once combat over Dallas. At the point when the Chiefs appeared in 1960, they weren’t known as the Chiefs, they were known as the Dallas Texans. For a long time, the Cowboys imparted an arena in Dallas to the Texans, who were a piece of the AFL. Inevitably, Chiefs proprietor Lamar Hunt chose Dallas wasn’t sufficiently enormous for two groups, so he moved the Texans to Kansas City in 1963. Since the Chiefs got pushed out of their own city, I will say this qualifies as a vengeance diversion. Likewise, this Super Bowl would presumably give us the best closely following and that is on the grounds that the parking area at Mercedes-Benz Stadium would be loaded up with the two Kansas City and Texas grill. We could likewise most likely at last choose which one is in reality better.

  1. Chargers versus Holy people

Chances of occurring: 8-to-1

Rarely you can get an amusement that highlights two quarterbacks who were colleagues for a long time, yet that is the thing that we would arrive. Drew Brees was initially drafted by the Chargers in 2001, yet the group clarified that he wasn’t their quarterback of things to come in 2004 when they drafted Philip Rivers with the fourth generally speaking pick. Despite the fact that Brees kept going one more season with the Chargers, the group let his agreement terminate after he endured shoulder damage in the 2005 customary season finale. Brees wound up with the Saints in 2006 and Rivers turned into the starter for the Chargers, which is prompts where we are today. Would Brees stick it to the Chargers or would Rivers get his first Super Bowl win? I have no clue, yet I would watch discover.

  1. Colts versus Hawks

Chances of occurring: 33-to-1

In the event that there’s any individual who realizes how to stop the Nick Foles playoff train, it’s Colts mentor Frank Reich. A year ago as of now, Reich was filling in as Philadelphia’s hostile facilitator amid the Eagles hurried to the Super Bowl. Essentially, Reich has invested a ton of energy around Foles, which implies he may be the main mentor who can contain the majority of Foles’ playoff enchantment and cover it for eternity. Despite the fact that Reich won a Super Bowl with the Eagles a year ago, he’s likewise had a couple of terrible encounters in the NFL’s greatest diversion. The poor person played for the Bills from 1985-94, which implies he once lost four straight Super Bowls with Buffalo. Reich likewise lost a Super Bowl as the Colts quarterbacks mentor in 2009. He presumably needs this success more than anybody.

  1. Loyalists versus Rams

Chances of occurring: 8-to-1

On the off chance that Tom Brady will resign after a Super Bowl win, this would be the amusement to do it and that is on the grounds that his vocation would fundamentally end up at ground zero with a success over the Rams. The legend of Tom Brady formally began in 2001 when he drove New England to a 20-17 Super Bowl prevail upon the Rams in an amusement where the Patriots were a 14-point dark horse. Fittingly, Super Bowl LIII is being played on the seventeenth commemoration of that Super Bowl. It would likewise be amusing to see the NFL’s most up to date hostile virtuoso (Sean McVay) coordinate minds with the NFL’s best mentor (Bill Belichick).

  1. Boss versus Hawks

Chances of occurring: 16-to-1

In the event that you like wonderful equity, this is the Super Bowl you ought to pull for to occur. Six years back, the Eagles chose they didn’t need Andy Reid any longer, so they kicked him to the control despite the fact that he drove them to five meeting title recreations and a Super Bowl. The terrible part for Reid is that not exclusively did the Eagles wind up winning a Super Bowl before he did, yet they won with one of his previous partners (Doug Pederson) who they procured off of his Kansas City training staff. Goodness, and did I notice that Pederson and the Eagles won that Super Bowl with a quarterback (Nick Foles) that REID drafted amid his last year in Philly. Reid doesn’t strike me as a severe person, however it needs to eat at him consistently that Pederson, Foles and the Eagles all won a Lombardi Trophy without him. In the event that this diversion occurs, I’d pick the Chiefs by 80.

  1. Loyalists versus Birds

Chances of occurring: 20-to-1

On the off chance that Nick Foles by one way or another beats the Patriots two years consecutively, that may be sufficient to disintegrate the Patriots administration, since I don’t know Belichick would have the capacity to deal with two straight Super Bowl misfortunes to an apprentice quarterback. Then again, in the event that I know Belchick like I know Belichick, he’ll wind up exchanging for the quarterback that the Eagles don’t need (Foles or Carson Wentz) and after that he’ll assemble another line with that person. Great Belichick. He’s played all of us for idiots and presumably has been arranging that move this entire time. In the event that this amusement occurred, it would stamp only the second time in NFL history that a similar two groups have played in back to back Super Bowls (Bills and Cowboys played in Super Bowl XXVII and XXVIII).

  1. Loyalists versus Holy people

Chances of occurring: 5-to-1

Tom Brady versus Drew Brees. This amusement needs no other moving focuses.

When the Super Bowl moves around Brees will be 40 years of age (he turns 40 on Jan. 15), which implies we would have two over the slope quarterba

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